Alan Sharpe's Installation.

Mercedes W124 E Class tank which I bought new from Ebay.
It has a level sensor connected to a buzzer which I fitted under the speaker grille on the dash.

Click for bigger pics.


Having bought another Stag I fitted a header tank.

The tank is the same Mercedes one but connected differently.
Instead of connecting to the top of the radiator I used a Hose Take Off plumbed into the top hose. Shorter and neater.

I blanked off the radiator expansion pipe with a soldered 8mm copper End Cap.

The main hose is a Febi Coolant Hose - Part Number 14023 from Ebay.
This is joined to the water pump hose using 15mm copper pipe fittimgs.
This end is straightforward but the other end is too small for the Febi Hose.
I soldered a straight end feed coupling to the end of the pipe. I also soldered a
short piece of pipe into the other end of the coupling to prevent the coupling being distorted.