Having put up with poor lighting for some time, I decided to upgrade the headlights.

I bought a set of Cibie lights from Tony Hart and set about to plan the installation.
I realised that the 35 years old wiring and switches had probably seen better days and would not like the
increased current running through them.
I decided to install relays and a separate fuse box, and to take the power directly from the battery.
The original wiring and switches would only be used to operate the relays.
I designed the circuit shown below using H4 bulbs.
This gives four Main Beams and two Dips which keeps it legal.
The Dips are disconnected when the Mains are on, reducing the load on the alternator.
The system works well and the visibility at night is vastly improved.



My system has extra relays for Fog Lamps and Kenlowe Fan.