Triumph Stag –Replacing a split Vybak rear window.

By Danny Stroud

I was giving the Stag a wash after it’s winter hibernation in preparation for the MOT.
As I was zipping up the soft top rear window during a cold spell the vybak window material in the soft top cracked.

I did not want to remove the soft top from the frame and send it off for repair just before Drive it Day and the start of the classic season.

I decided that I would give it a go and DIY replace the clear vybak rear window.

The following tools and materials were purchased from internet suppliers.

Contact me if you want their details






3. Waxed cotton thread.
2. Speedy Stitcher automatic sewing awl.
1. Cabriolet & convertible rear window plastic vybak flexiglass size 1372 x 610 x1mm.






Prior to removal the window and the surrounding hood material was marked.


The split window was carefully removed by unpicking the stitching using a tool that was liberated from my wife’s crocheting tool box.


After removal the old window was used as a template and the marks were transferred to the new vybak.
The new material was cut using kitchen scissors


The new screen was trial fitted and clamped in place


Stitching up using the “Speedy Stitcher” was started at the top of the window the frame of which had been unzipped. Using the awl took a wee while to get the hang of and was a slow job. I started the job in the sunshine but the rain started so I had to move into the garage. I used a portable flood light to keep the vybak warm and flexible.


After I had sewn the top and sides the window was zipped closed, the bottom frame was propped up to allow me access from the outside and underneath.


Sewing along the lower part of the Vybak was really fiddly


The whole job took around eight hours in total, I am really pleased with the finish.
If I did it again what would I change?– I would mark all the way around the new vybak where the stitching should go, this will help to keep straight lines when sewing.

Here is the finished item.

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